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Music Ministry

Godly music always has God as its audience. Scripturally, every time you find Gods people offering up music, it is directed Godward. In the case of the temple, God so enjoyed this music that He showed up at the meeting in a powerful way. In many modern churches the music program is a performance by performers who are trying to appeal to the hearts of men, not the ears of God. Thus, preaching becomes secondary and sometimes boring, or needs to be bombastic and abrasive so that people will listen to it. These things ought not so to be. If the audience of music is man, then we begin to care what men think, and we choose performers instead of Spirit-guided Christians to do our music.

Berean Baptist Church carefully chooses its music and special music participants. They must be faithful and have a good testimony, and the music must not draw attention to the performer, but to our Great God. The majority of modern music is directed at people, and is used to make them feel good or give people what they like. Berean Baptist Church stands firmly on the great hymns of the faith, and the songs of people who have been captivated by God and wish to speak to Him in a musical format.

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